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Noun1.Acris - cricket frogsAcris - cricket frogs        
amphibian genus - any genus of amphibians
family Hylidae, Hylidae - the amphibian family of tree frogs
cricket frog - either of two frogs with a clicking call
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The osteology of Acris and Limnaoedus (Amphibia: Hylidae).
In line with the COP22 also held in Morocco in 2016 in which Averda has been proactively involved, ACRIS 3 convened a set of high-level expert panels to showcase priority areas of private sector investment for climate resilient infrastructure in Africa - a fundamental building block for Africa to meet its sustainable development goals.
The immunoblotting analysis was performed using commercially available antibodies raised against MMP-1, MMP-9, IL-6, TNFa (Acris), and OPN (Millipore).
Abdel Aaty's one-day visit to Sudan will be followed by a trip to Ethiopia on Wednesday, to participate in the second Africa Climate Resilient Infrastructure Summit (ACRIS II).
Deschampsia flexuosa, the wavy-hair grass, makes vivid, acid-green fountains in spring - combining beautifully with the lemon buttercup, Ranunculus acris citrinus and the stiff, near turquoise spikes of Veronica gentianoides.
Six species called across these surveys: Northern Cricket Frogs (Acris crepitans), Gulf Coast Toads (Incilius nebulifer), Cliff Chirping Frogs (Eleutherodaclylus marnockii), Spotted Chorus Frogs (Pseudacris clarkii), American Bullfrogs (Lithobates calesbeianus), and Rio Grande Leopard Frogs (Lilhobates berlandieri).
Effects of temperature on performance and phenotypic selection on plant traits in alpine Ranunculus acris. Oecologia, 120: 242-251.
Blanchard's Cricket Frog (Acris blanchardi) --Cricket Frogs were frequently encountered in the wooded sinkhole surrounding Stemler Cave and rarely within the entrance.
Slides were incubated in a humidified chamber for 1 h at room temperature with primary antibody: EGFR (RM-2111-S0, dilution 1:50, Thermo Scientific), p53 (M3629, dilution: 1:100, DAKO GmbH, Hamburg, Germany), (RM-2111-S0, dilution 1:50, Thermo Scientific), c-Myc (MS-139-PCL, dilution 1:50, Thermo Scientific), Ki67 (abl6667, dilution 1:100, Abeam, Cambridge, UK), CD31 (MS353-S0, dilution 1:50, Thermo Scientific), P-glycoprotein (CD243, AM05632PU-N, dilution 1:200, Acris, Herford, Germany), GSTP1 (AP02100SU-S, Acris), COX2 (AMU127PU-N, dilution 1:100, Acris), LOX1 (HPA050798, dilution 1:300, Sigma), TFR (CD71; MS-1096S0, dilution 1:50, Thermo Scientific), and VEGF (Ab-7, clone VG-1, which recognized 121,165, and 189 isoformes of VEGF; dilution 1:150, Thermo Scientific).
Acris blanchardi is a species of special concern in Indiana; during the last two to three decades, it has declined greatly throughout the northern half of its geographic range.
Twelve species were observed and recorded: Anayrus americanus, Anaxyrus fowleri, Acris crepitans, Hyla chrysoscelis, Hyla cinerea, Hyla gratiosa, Psuedacris crucifer, Pseudacris feriarum, Gastrophryne carolinensis, Lithobates catesbeiana, Lithobates clamitans, and Lithobates sphenocephala.