Acris crepitans

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Noun1.Acris crepitans - a cricket frog of eastern and central United StatesAcris crepitans - a cricket frog of eastern and central United States
cricket frog - either of two frogs with a clicking call
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Males of Acris crepitans have been shown to lower the frequency of their calls during male-male interactions, producing calls with reduced amplitude [42].
Breeding in April is dominated by Hyla versicolor, Anaxyrus woodhousii, and Acris crepitans. Lithobates clamitans breeds in May and June and L.
5 2.51 0.06 Bufo terrestris 27 13.57 0.34 Rana clamitans 57 28.64 0.71 Rana 11 5.53 0.14 sphenocephala Rana catesbeiana 2 1.01 0.03 Pseudacris 2 1.01 0.03 crucifer Hyla avivoca 2 1.01 0.03 Hyla cinerea 1 0.50 0.01 Acris crepitans 20 10.05 0.25 Acris gryllus 35 17.59 0.44 Acris sp.
laevis Hermaphroditism ND (testicular oocytes, intersex, mixed sex) Acris crepitans Intersex or Trend for [up Atrazine Ovaries testicular oocytes arrow] p = 0.07 detections Fish P.
Six species comprised 89% of the WVES observations: Acris crepitans, Bufo fowleri, Hyla chrysoscelis, Pseudacris crucifer, Pseudacris feriarum, and Rana sphenocephala.
One Blanchard's cricket frog (Acris crepitans blanchardi) lacking the left eye and orbit was found by Smith and Powell in Missouri in 1973 (1983).
A historical study of the distribution of Blanchard's cricket frog (Acris crepitans blanchardi) in southeastern Michigan.
Acris crepitans blanchardi Harper, 1947, Blanchard's Cricket Frog (I, II)
Hyla chrysocelis, Acris crepitans, and Pseudacris triseriata were heard most frequently.
For two species, Acris crepitans and Hemidactylum scutatum, least convex polygons could not be calculated because the species was represented by two populations or less.
Evolution of intraspecific variation in the advertisement call of a cricket frog (Acris crepitans, Hylidae).