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Braai is basically Afrikaans for barbecue, but a braai, or Chisa Nyama in Zulu, has so much more meaning to South Africans that isn't immediately apparent to outsiders.
On a rainy and chilly Saturday morning, the conservators of the National Afrikaans Literary Museum and Research Centre in Bloemfontein, South Africa inaugurated a bust of the author Arthur Nuthall Fula (Britz).
Richard Simcott has studied over 50 languages so far and will learn Afrikaans and Zulu this year.While most five-year-olds were just learning to read and write in their native tongue, Englishman Richard Simcott was learning French, now one of five home languages he uses with his wife and daughter in Skopje, Macedonia.
Although the girls' school that he founded nine years before his death was from its inception Dutch-Afrikaans, the university that he helped set up in 1904 was English with some accommodation of Afrikaans until the early 1950s, when it became Afrikaans with some accommodation of English.
There have been thousands of unimaginably brutal "farm attacks" and "farm murders," known as plaasmoorde in Afrikaans, since whites voted to surrender political power some 25 years ago in the face of a brutal communist terror campaign.
Sitting Pretty: White Afrikaans Women in Postapartheid South Africa
GRAINNE Seoige has told how she's immersed herself into South African life and can now speak Afrikaans.
The chain of events which brings them together--a failed plot to blow up a power station, a Soweto teacher murdered for teaching in Afrikaans despite threats from students, a vengeful police agent on the hunt and a secret network of students across the township--ultimately comes to a head on the morning of June 16th when some 15,000 Soweto students, simmering with resentment and anger march in protest against the Bantu Education Act.
[13] The lack of a validated Afrikaans questionnaire investigating QOL in patients experiencing prolapse limits studies and effective outcome measurement in Afrikaans-speaking patients in SA.
Mushtak Parker reports on the recent decision by Stellenbosch University to remove "the language of apartheid oppressors", Afrikaans, as the official teaching language--21 years after the demise of racial segregation.
Next door in the percussion room (do schools really have those?), Strauss talked in English about the fact he can speak Afrikaans, but admitted he was struggling with some of the "little Scottish-sounding words" in his adopted country's national anthem.