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Al·le·ghe·ny Mountains

 (ăl′ĭ-gā′nē) also Al·le·ghe·nies (-nēz)
A range of the Appalachian Mountains extending about 800 km (500 mi) from northern Pennsylvania to southwest Virginia and rising to approximately 1,480 m (4,860 ft) in northeast West Virginia. The range sits on the eastern edge of the Allegheny Plateau, an upland area comprising the northern section of the Appalachian Plateau and including the Catskill and Pocono mountains.
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Noun1.Alleghenies - the western part of the Appalachian MountainsAlleghenies - the western part of the Appalachian Mountains; extending from northern Pennsylvania to southwestern Virginia
Keystone State, Pennsylvania, PA - a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies
Old Dominion, Old Dominion State, VA, Virginia - a state in the eastern United States; one of the original 13 colonies; one of the Confederate States in the American Civil War
Mountain State, West Virginia, WV - a state in east central United States
Appalachian Mountains, Appalachians - a mountain range in the eastern United States extending from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico; a historic barrier to early westward expansion of the United States
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Indeed even now the ballads and ballad-making are not altogether dead, but may still be found nourishing in such outskirts of civilization as the cowboy plains of Texas, Rocky Mountain mining camps, or the nooks and corners of the Southern Alleghenies.
We will flash first to Worcester, cross the Hudson on the high bridge at Poughkeepsie, swing southwest through a dozen coal towns to the outskirts of Philadelphia, leap across the Susquehanna, zigzag up and down the Alleghenies into the murk of Pittsburg, cross the Ohio at Wheeling, glance past Columbus and Indianapolis, over the Wabash at Terre Haute, into St.
A charter for the first Masonic Lodge west of the Alleghenies, the "Zion Lodge of Masons, No.
Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania!
Glotfelty died May 6, 2014, at age 66 and was buried with full military honors in the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies in Pennsylvania.
Founded in 1881, it was the first museum west of the Alleghenies built specifically to showcase art.
Marlton, NJ, February 08, 2018 --( Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy (AUCP) and Service Coordination of South Central Pennsylvania (SCSCP) announced the merger of their service coordination and supports agencies to prepare for the challenges of 2018 and beyond.
In the words of a Harper's editor in 1950 that express the snobbishness of the time, "Only nobodies lived west of the Alleghenies."
The Winning of the West: From the Alleghenies to the Mississippi by Theodore Roosevelt.
At age 16, he joined his older brother in a trading expedition among the Indians, which took him over the Alleghenies and into the Ohio River Valley, where he spent a cold winter in an Indian hut.
Successes aside, Steve Howsare, executive director of SAP&DC, which provides technical and financial assistance to small- and medium-sized businesses in the Alleghenies, sees the need for more long-term infrastructure to deliver natural gas.

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