American Revolutionary War

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Noun1.American Revolutionary War - the revolution of the American Colonies against Great BritainAmerican Revolutionary War - the revolution of the American Colonies against Great Britain; 1775-1783
battle of Bunker Hill, Bunker Hill - the first important battle of the American War of Independence (1775) which was fought at Breed's Hill; the British defeated the colonial forces
battle of Cowpens, Cowpens - battle in the American Revolution; Americans under Daniel Morgan defeated the British
Fort Ticonderoga, Ticonderoga - a pitched battle in which American revolutionary troops captured Fort Ticonderoga from the British in 1775
Lexington and Concord, Lexington, Concord - the first battle of the American Revolution (April 19, 1775)
Battle of Monmouth, Battle of Monmouth Court House, Monmouth Court House - a pitched battle in New Jersey during the American Revolution (1778) that ended with the withdrawal of British forces
battle of Saratoga, Saratoga - a battle during the American Revolution (1777); the British under Burgoyne were defeated
siege of Yorktown, Yorktown - in 1781 the British under Cornwallis surrendered after a siege of three weeks by American and French troops; the surrender ended the American Revolution
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An authorship sabbatical led to the research and writing of a regional history of New Yorkers during the American Revolutionary War. Shadow Soldiers was published by The History Press of Charleston, South Carolina, and included a forward by the outgoing United States Ambassador to Canada.
As seen in trailer, Rip appears to shoot George Washington in an attempt to alter the outcome of the American Revolutionary War.
Lets look back to the 1780's when the founders of the United States were trying to figure out how to unite the country after the American Revolutionary War. It is eerie how similar the circumstances were then to today's.
In the December edition of "Strata," Dan Elliot of the LAMAR Institute set out to document Carr's Fort in Wilkes County, Ga., a fortified farmstead used during the American Revolutionary War.
We begin with Michael Hoberman's discussion of letters written by Jews in North America during the American Revolutionary War. While other historians have used such letters to explore the nature of Jewish communal life, family relationships, and religious and political alliances, among other topics, Hoberman uses them to reveal the way Jews coped with the war itself.
A TV source said: "Poldark has that posh UK charm that the American market loves - history, romance and because it was based on the American Revolutionary War, it ticks all of the boxes.
The eight-part series - starring Aidan Turner as a redcoat who returns to from the American Revolutionary War - has been bought by US network Masterpiece.
In 1775, the American Revolutionary War began with the battles of Lexington and Concord.
Ansbach, Germany still displays the colors of its regiments deployed during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), and a visitor to this quaint town in Mittelfranken would not depart thinking that the Ansbachers were mercenaries.
Liberty's Fallen Generals is a detailed historical look at a group of generals who gave their lives to the cause of independence during the American Revolutionary War, a conflict laced with stories of the Founding Fathers and other larger-than-life figures.
The roughly 37,000 Germans who fought as British auxiliaries during the American Revolutionary War were an important part of the British war effort, but relatively little has been written about them.
For children age 8 and up, "Revolutionary Friends, General George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette" is an excellent example of English narrative embellished with French expressions to tell the story of the relationship that evolved between American leader George Washington and French nobleman the Marquis de Lafayette during the American Revolutionary War. French expressions are embedded into the text narrative and also included in English translations in sidebars of sayings or writings of the Marquis de Lafayette.

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