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Noun1.Archibald MacLeish - United States poet (1892-1982)
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Her stubborn adherence to the democratic process ('Archibald MacLeish had said that democracy must be defended by arms when it is attacked by arms and by truth when it is attacked by lies,' she said in her speech before the US Congress.
Other letters were sent to Waldo Pierce, Mike Strater, Archibald MacLeish, Thornton Wilder, John Dos Passos, Owen Wister, and Scott Fitzgerald, among others.
The poet Archibald MacLeish caught it best for a piece in the New York Times on December 25, 1968 -- oddly, when only the Apollo 8 crew had seen Earthrise.
The most active members, in addition to Hutchins, included Librarian of Congress Archibald MacLeish, philosopher William Ernest Hocking, First Amendment scholar Zechariah Chafee Jr., and theologian Reinhold Niebuhr.
He chose the librarian of Congress, Archibald MacLeish, to direct the Office of Facts and Figures, established on October 24, 1941.
William Carlos Williams wrote to Pound in 1938, saying, "It is you, not Hemingway, in this case who is playing directly into the hands of the International Bankers." Hemingway conveyed his concerns about Pound to their friend Archibald MacLeish:
Scholarship on Archibald MacLeish's Air Raid (1938) has focused on the play's warnings about destructive military technology and fascist aggression.
In the fail of 1960, when I was a college sophomore, the critic Paul Alpers, himself just a young instructor at the time, encouraged me to try out for "English W," Archibald MacLeish's writing course.
(11.) Archibald MacLeish, "Libraries in the Contemporary Crisis: Address by Archibald MacLeish, Librarian of Congress, at Carnegie Institute" (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, October 19, 1939): title.
In tryouts for Thornton Wilder's notoriously complex The Skin of Our Teeth the 3 3-year-old director implores the veteran writer to revisit his third act, during which audiences are drifting, because "a scene which must necessarily be quiet and subdued seems too low for so late in the evening." To Archibald MacLeish, whose biblical fantasy J.B.
The Department maintained permanent representation on the Roberts Commission, and Librarian of Congress Archibald MacLeish was the liaison with the Department until he became the first assistant secretary of State for Public and Cultural Relations (now Public Affairs) in December 1944.
He turned to Archibald MacLeish, an acclaimed poet and editor as well as an academic, a man who wore his patrician privilege as comfortably as he did his fedora, to get the thing going.