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 (är′kə-mē′dēz) 287?-212 bc.
Greek mathematician, engineer, and physicist. Among the most important intellectual figures of antiquity, he discovered formulas for the area and volume of various geometric figures, applied geometry to hydrostatics and mechanics, devised numerous ingenious mechanisms, such as the Archimedean screw, and discovered the principle of buoyancy.

Ar′chi·me′de·an (-mē′dē-ən, -mĭ-dē′-) adj.
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Monck Mason (whose voyage from Dover to Weilburg in the balloon, "Nassau," occasioned so much excitement in 1837,) conceived the idea of employing the principle of the Archimedean screw for the purpose of propulsion through the air - rightly attributing the failure of Mr.
The hydro boasts the UK's widest Archimedean screw turbine, which is a fish-friendly hydro unit.
Descriptions of the lever and its resting place--whether envisioned as an ordinary fulcrum or the idealized Archimedean point--are deeply entangled with descriptions of the human, says Holland.
From where did you get the idea that, as a supporter of the corrupt status quo, you have an Archimedean standpoint from which to insult a compatriot who has so much more to offer Nigeria than the decrepit men you are hoisting on a pedestal?
Scholars have long recognized that no observer has an Archimedean perspective (even the Bible contains four different accounts of the life of Jesus).
Williams reads Aristotelian natures as intended to provide an "Archimedean point" or external point of leverage by which we can justify morality to doubters or scoffers.
[5] focused on the likelihood of a pair of random variables having either an Archimedean copula or an elliptical copula.
It should be noted that, in an Archimedean space E, a sequence [mathematical expression not reproducible] if and only if there exists a sequence [([[epsilon].sub.n]).sub.n[member of]N] of positive reals with [[epsilon].sub.n] [down arrow] 0 such that [absolute value of [x.sub.n] - x] [less than or equal to] [[epsilon].sub.n]e for all n [member of] N.
Whereas, by the utilization of hybrid loading and cavity groove technique, we present the design of the smallest form factor with significant performance enhancement in gain by a factor of 3.65 dBi and axial ratio improved by 2.27 dB as compared to a simple Archimedean spiral antenna, in an affordable, easy-to-fabricate design.
In this paper, we propose a method for broadband generation of the OAM carrying beams based on the Archimedean spiral.
With Cyprus offering itself as the fulcrum, India now holds an Archimedean lever of just the right length to move the whole world off a dizzyingly crazy course.