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(ˌɑr təˈzɜrk siz)
1. Artaxerxes I, ( “Longimanus” ), died 424 B.C., king of Persia 464–24.
2. Artaxerxes II, ( “Mnemon” ), died 359? B.C., king of Persia 404?–359?
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Noun1.Artaxerxes - king of Persia who subdued numerous revolutions and made peace with Sparta (?-359 BC)
2.Artaxerxes - king of Persia who sanctioned the practice of Judaism in Jerusalem (?-424 BC)
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De Jong, then, reinterprets five well-known problems: the coronation ceremony of Artaxerxes III, royal processions, sacrificial rites, funerary arrangements, and the royal fire.
These included the wife of Artaxerxes III and three of his daughters, including Parysatis whom Alexander later married.
Birth and early career unknown, but was the brother of Memnon; together, they entered the service of Persian satrap Artabazus, governor of Dascylium (Zeytinbagi) and brother-in-law to Memnon; married Artabazus' daughter, Barsine, and took part in the Satraps' Revolt (366-352); supported Artabazus until he fled to Macedonia (352); Mentor took service in the army of Artaxerxes III; abetted Artabazus' recall (345); was a major commander during the conquest of Egypt (343); remaining in Persian service, he reconquered rebellious regions in Asia Minor, including the holdings of Hermias, tyrant of Atarneus (Dikili) in Mysia (region in Turkey, southwest of the Sea of Marmara) (342); betrayed Hermias at a truce meeting, and sent him to the King who had him executed; died shortly afterward (c.