Artemisia maritima

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Noun1.Artemisia maritima - plants of western and northern European coastsArtemisia maritima - plants of western and northern European coasts
wormwood - any of several low composite herbs of the genera Artemisia or Seriphidium
genus Seriphidium, Seriphidium - woody plants grown chiefly for their silver or grey and often aromatic foliage; formerly included in the genus Artemisia
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Ladakh urial used Artemisia maritima (n=53) with 18.34% of observations followed by Olea ferruginea (n=28, 9.69%), Ephedra intermedia (n=25, 8.65%), Pistacia khinjuk and Ephedra gerardiana (n=23, 7.69%).
A taxonomic revision of the Artemisia maritima group (Pearson, 1974) demonstrated that the inland populations formerly considered as A.
Additionally, hares reduced the number of dead Artemisia maritima stems in grassy swards, which otherwise might have hampered grazing by geese.