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n.1.(Law) The chief law officer of the state, empowered to act in all litigation in which the law-executing power is a party, and to advise this supreme executive whenever required.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Attorney-General rose to spin the rope, grind the axe, and hammer the nails into the scaffold.
There, indeed, he saw a lean, dark figure with a stoop almost like that of a vulture, a posture well known in the law courts as that of Sir John Harker, the Attorney-General. His face was lined with headwork, for alone among the three idlers in the garden he was a man who had made his own way; and round his bald brow and hollow temples clung dull red hair, quite flat, like plates of copper.
"Oh, come, come," protested the Attorney-General. "You'll make Mr.
Then he disappeared behind the trees of the island, and March and Fisher turned to meet the Attorney-General, who was coming out of the house with a visage of grim assurance.
Delamayn rose next to be Attorney-General. About the same time--so true it is that "nothing succeeds like success"--a childless relative died and left him a fortune.
The advice was above the courage of both the King and the age; but Bacon was advanced through various legal offices, until in 1613 he was made Attorney-General and in 1618 (two years after Shakspere's death) Lord High Chancellor of England, at the same time being raised to the peerage as Baron Verulam.
Long after Bar got made Attorney-General, this was told of him as a master-stroke.
"I'll see the Attorney-General to-night, and will send for you to- morrow morning.
'your friend Heep is a young fellow who might be attorney-general. If I had known that young man, at the period when my difficulties came to a crisis, all I can say is, that I believe my creditors would have been a great deal better managed than they were.'
The attorney-general's office (Law Office of the Republic) needs to put mechanisms in place to properly report payments overdue, the auditor-general has said, after it was found that some e1/42 million in unpaid legal costs awarded to the office had accumulated over a period of 24 years.
The Malaysian Bar has denied today endorsing its past president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan to take the position of attorney-general (AG).