Battle of Bull Run

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Noun1.Battle of Bull Run - either of two battles during the American Civil War (1861 and 1862); Confederate forces defeated the Federal army in both battles
American Civil War, United States Civil War, War between the States - civil war in the United States between the North and the South; 1861-1865
Old Dominion, Old Dominion State, VA, Virginia - a state in the eastern United States; one of the original 13 colonies; one of the Confederate States in the American Civil War
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Sullivan Ballou gave his life on the battlefield a week later at the first battle of Bull Run. It is because Sullivan Ballou and countless others believed in something bigger than themselves and were willing to sacrifice for it that we stand today in the full blessings of liberty in the greatest country on Earth.
Two months later, the regiment saw its first action at the First Battle of Bull Run in Virginia, where the Confederate Army achieved a stunning victory against the Union troops.
Hoping to maintain the initiative they had gained at the Second Battle of Bull Run, Confederate leaders looked to a stunning victory on Northern soil to sour Northern sentiment on the war as well as to coax European powers to recognize the fledgling Confederacy.
Skedaddle, applied to the Battle of Bull Run on July 21, 1861, described the hasty and disorganized retreat of the Union army back to Washington, D.C.,--the "Great Skedaddle." It now means "to scurry away" (21).
He joined the Union cavalry at the onset of the Civil War and was present at the First Battle of Bull Run. Later, upon delivering a message to Union headquarters, he met General George B.
Once the war began, however, Brady decided he wanted to photographically document it, and at first he actually did visit battlegrounds -- he was at the war's opening pitched battle, the First Battle of Bull Run in Manassas, Va.
His last battle would be the Second Battle of Bull Run in August of 1862.
After the Union forces were defeated at the Battle of Bull Run in July 1861, a volunteer cavalry regiment of New York citizens was formed.
The Second Battle of Bull Run or Second Manassas was fought August 28-30, 1862, as part of the American Civil War.
During the Battle of Bull Run in 1861 he took pictures of graves, the field hospital and dead horses.
Union Wins Battle of Bull Run The Associated Press, others
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