Bonin Islands

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Bo·nin Islands

An archipelago of volcanic islands in the western Pacific Ocean south of Japan. The islands formed a major Japanese military stronghold in World War II.
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Bonin Islands

pl n
(Placename) a group of 27 volcanic islands in the W Pacific: occupied by the US after World War II; returned to Japan in 1968. Largest island: Chichijima. Area: 103 sq km (40 sq miles). Japanese name: Ogasawara Gunto
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Bo′nin Is′lands

(ˈboʊ nɪn)
a group of islands in the N Pacific, SE of and belonging to Japan: under U.S. administration 1945–68. 40 sq. mi. (104 sq. km).
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There was nothing to drink on the Sophie Sutherland, and we had fifty-one days of glorious sailing, taking the southern passage in the north-east trades to Bonin Islands.
We completed our run across the Pacific, lifted the volcanic peaks, jungle-clad, of the Bonin Islands, sailed in among the reefs to the land-locked harbour, and let our anchor rumble down where lay a score or more of sea-gypsies like ourselves.
And the foregoing is a sample of the ten days I spent in the Bonin Islands.
I might have seen and healthily enjoyed a whole lot more of the Bonin Islands, if I had done what I ought to have done.
New Zealand possesses two bats found nowhere else in the world: Norfolk Island, the Viti Archipelago, the Bonin Islands, the Caroline and Marianne Archipelagoes, and Mauritius, all possess their peculiar bats.
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Bonin Bough will share his experiences working with small businesses as the host of CNBCs "Cleveland Hustles," the hit show created by NBA superstar LeBron James and Maverick Carter, James' business partner.
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NEW DE Animals Behaving Badly BBC1, 8pm This show, presented by Liz Bonin, is packed full of hilarious clips of animal bad behaviour, whether that's chimps kidnapping babies, a seal vandalising a car or giraffes fighting.
A similar scene served as the centerpiece installation of Cosima von Bonin's sixth solo show at Petzel--typically balmy, maritime--titled, "What if It Barks?" Ten sculptures of sea creatures were convened in a circle, seemingly at the behest of a giant, gleaming can of cat food labeled authority puree (this is also the title of the sculpture and the installation, both 2018).
American English teacher Fletcher Bonin took this photo on Sunday (March 4) of two swimmers enjoying Phoenix Waterfall, which is located in southern Taiwan's Chiayi County.
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