Bottom land

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After making nearly a semicircle around the pond, they diverged from the water-course, and began to ascend to the level of a slight elevation in that bottom land, over which they journeyed.
Search along the wooded bottom lands of May Creek was stopped and nearly the entire male population of the region took to beating the bush about Nolan and in the Medicine Lodge Hills.
"We can see a return of trees at the tops of the mountains and on the steep slopes, vast orchards on terraced hillsides and increased production of annual crops in the bottom land," Liu says.
To improve the bottom land, different approaches are available, from weed control to soil chemistry, said Mr Duller.
"It just destroyed some beautiful hardwood bottom land." McMurry said.
you down to the bottom land. From this stone, ageless heart, remember
MORFODION looks down on a mile-long stretch of the River Severn which, in days gone by, would flood the farm's bottom land after winter rains.
In addition to the valuable river bottom land that was lost, the tribes also lost any natural resources and structural improvements on the land.
In his western explorations, Washington claimed for himself 20,000 acres of choice bottom land and assigned less desirable acreage to a band of veterans of the Virginia regiment.
In uh few minutes Ole Massa come out tuh give de orders fuh de day an' he said: "Well, John I wants you tuh have 'em plow dat bottom land tuhday." He says, "Dat's jus' whut I done tole 'em."
And although we want to live in natural buildings, we also want to grow as much of our own food as possible on our 40 to 80 acres of bottom land, now covered with trees.
We have one small and two large garden plots--a little over 6,000 square feet total -- and are planning on breaking out some creek bottom land for asparagus, herbs and other vegetables to sell.