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v. t.1.To be or become overripe, as wheat, barley, or hops.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Ti-Pure One Coat technology improves the Brite paint's hiding power by 60 percent in just one application.
Hayley, from Netherley, said that the Oven Brite, which she bought from Poundland, in Belle Vale, didn't sting.
27 February 2019 - US-based out-of-home media company Brite Media Group, which specialises in delivering messages to consumers along the path to purchase, has launched a company-wide rebranding under the name "Mesmerize," the company said.
Dennis Simmons, founder of Brite Smiles Dental Care, stated, "We're doing this contest for fun and also to call attention to the importance of not floss dancing, but flossing your teeth every day to keep your teeth and gums health for life.
Aligning with the UAE government's efforts to transform the UAE into a medical tourism hot spot, the Spec Brite Group, a leading well-being solutions provider in the GCC and the Middle East, has been successful in launching cutting-edge technologies and innovative products in fitness, skin care, nutrition, aesthetics and medical products and equipment to offer its customers a complete health and well-being solution without parallels.
Gregory Leibert, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mesmerize, and Craig Mait, Chief Operating Officer, will join Brite Media in leadership roles and will continue to operate the Mesmerize business along with their existing team.
Answering a question in Parliament, Mr Butale said the first Brite Star Aviation establishment started operating in Texas in March 2017.
Brite Semiconductor, an ASIC/SoC design and turnkey solution provider, has announced the collaborative development of an industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) system on chip (SoC) with Semitech Semiconductor, a provider of power-line communications (PLC) solutions that enable the transformation of the electricity grid into a smart grid.
Flossopher is a plucky tooth care entity whose job it is to help everyone who lives in Brite Forest keeps their teeth clean and sparkly.
Brite:Bill is planning the recruitment drive for its Dublin headquarters and US offices over the next two years.
These stars include some of the most massive and luminous stars in the galaxy, many of which are precursors to supernova explosions," Professor Moffat, who is the scientific mission lead for the Canadian contribution to BRITE and current chair of the international executive science team, said.
KARACHI -- Dawlance, the no.1 home appliances brand of Pakistan, and Brite Machine Wash, the premium machine specialist detergent in the Pakistan market, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly promote their products in order to leverage market share and credibility.