British Cameroons

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British Cameroons

A former British mandate (1922-1946) and trust territory (1946-1961) of western Africa, divided in 1961 between Nigeria and Cameroon.
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British Cameroons

pl n
(Placename) a former British trust territory of West Africa. See Cameroon
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(ˌkæm əˈrunz)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
1. a region in W Africa: a German protectorate 1884–1919; divided in 1919 into British and French mandates.
2. Also called British Cameroons. a former British mandate (1919–46) and trusteeship (1946–60) in W Africa: by a 1961 plebiscite the S part joined Cameroon and the N part joined Nigeria.
Cam`e•roon′i•an, adj. n.
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'I know as a fact that, as at the time the 1st petitioner was born on the 25th November, 1946 to a FulanI trader and farmer, Garba Abubakar, Jada village and other parts of Chamba land in the then Northern Cameroon, were still part of the British Cameroons and not Nigeria.
A plebiscite was held in British Cameroons to determine whether the people preferred to stay in Cameroon or align with Nigeria.
[1961] Resolution 1608 (XV) of 21 April 1961, taken by the United Nations on the basis of the referendum in former British Cameroons, was more a matter of laying the foundations for coexistence between the former French Cameroon and Southern Cameroons.
A year after the French-ruled territory became independent in 1961, the southern part of British Cameroons was integrated into a federal system.
(2) British Cameroons went into a union of equal states with French Cameroon.
In this light she joined Phyllis Kaberry in 1958 in the Grassfields of British Cameroons. At this time not only did all sides sense a great change in the air but there were strong feelings that the history of the past and the place of local identities therein should not be lost.
I got used to it and it probably gave a more accurate glimpse into British Cameroons but it seemed patronising.
Our compatriots in the British Cameroons were casting covetous eyes on the excellent results achieved by French Cameroonians from their farming operations and that they were making strenuous efforts to reap the fruits of these men's labour.
The Conservatives passing off an Australian photograph of young people as if it were a snap of eager British Cameroons is either incompetence or yet another desperate con.
Other topics include the Baha'i response to the modern crisis in the Middle East and West Africa, the rots of Baha'i conversion in British Cameroons, and the Baha'i Church of Calabar.
S.Corrakes,Elder and Fyffes Line (Skinboat) banana boat, sailing from Garston Docks to Tiko in the British Cameroons,,West Africa in 1954.
He is the author of Mission to the British Cameroons (1992) and Cardinal Herbert Vaughan (1995).

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