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Noun1.British House of Lords - the upper house of the British parliament
house - an official assembly having legislative powers; "a bicameral legislature has two houses"
British Parliament - the British legislative body
peer of the realm - a peer who is entitled to sit in the House of Lords
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The event was also organized to recognize efforts of Lord Qurban Hussain of the British House of Lords for his services for the cause of Kashmir and his efforts for the protection of the human rights of the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir.
Basil said in a speech at the British House of Lords that the area in general, and Syria in particular is witnessing foreign interference's and stopping these interferences will be through respecting the international laws.
During the visit, HE Dr.Yahya bin Mahfoudh Al Manthri met with Lord Peter Norman Fowler, Speaker of the British House of Lords, Lord Geoffrey James Dear, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, Lord Richard Napier Luce, and Lord Peter John Hennessy, member of House of Lords and Ed Ollard, Clerk of Parliaments.
The visit includes meetings with the British House of Lords and several British officials.
Benedict Oramah; Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, H.E Shaukat Aziz; Member of the British House of Lords and Executive Committee Member of the All Party Africa Group, Rt.
LONDON -- Shedding light on the Indian government's schemes, Qurban Hussain, the member of British House of Lords, said 'Prime Minister Narendra Modi can create any adventure in Kashmir for the sake of votes.'
Addressing the conference, Member of the British House of Lords, Sayeeda Warsi said, sexual violence in occupied Kashmir as a tool of war is most horrific and India is failing to fulfill its responsibility.
Deputy Speaker of the British House of Lords and his accompanying
A member of the British House of Lords, Nazir remained a puppet for Pakistan to raise the Kashmir issue in UK.
ISLAMABAD: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Tuesday allowed British House of Lords member, Lord Nazir Ahmad to enter Pakistan but will have to leave the country after 72 hours.
In the presence of member of British House of Lords, Lord Nazir Ahmed, he said, "Pakistan and people of Kashmir want to resolve Kashmir issue through political and diplomatic means and by peacefully exercising their internationally recognised right to self-determination."
LAHORE -- Member British House of Lords, Lord Nazir Ahmed has said that it has been proved that the judiciary is independent and takes its own decisions.

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