Burnishing machine

a machine for smoothing and polishing by compression, as in making paper collars.

See also: Burnish

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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burnishing machine features a two-speed (1,000/2,000 rpms), 1.5 horsepower 115V/60Hz motor, a 50-foot 14-3 ST fixed power cord, and a multi-V belt.
"NexGen eliminates the need for a dust mop, an auto-scrubber, and a burnishing machine," says the joint venture's president Victor Thomas.
The next phase is the part loading on the burnishing machine (A in [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED]).
Metabo's products include burnishing machines and cordless power tools.
On display will be machining centers, turning centers, drilling machines, milling machines and centers, boring machines, transfer machines, screw machines, broaching machines, skiving/trepanning machines/roller burnishing machines, gun drilling machines, planer/mills, boring mills, multiple spindle drills and automatics, drill/mill/bore heads and slides, thread rolling, jig boring/milling machines and knurling machines, VTLs, bar feeds, automation systems, assembly machines, end finishers, machining cells, CNC lathes and Flexible Manufacturing Systems (EMS).
Machining centers * turning centers * assembly automation * milling machines & centers * boring machines * drilling machines * transfer machines * screw machines * broaching machines * skiving/trepanning/roller burnishing machines * gun drilling machines * planer/mills * boring mills * multiple spindle drills & automatics * drill/mill/bore heads & slides thread rolling * jig boring/milling machines & knurling machines * VTLs * bar feeds * automation systems * assembly machines end finishers * machining cells * chuckers * CNC lathes * Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS).