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Noun1.CD drive - a drive that reads a compact disc and that is connected to an audio systemCD drive - a drive that reads a compact disc and that is connected to an audio system
CD player - a stand-alone piece of electronic equipment that either has its own display or attaches to a television set
drive - (computer science) a device that writes data onto or reads data from a storage medium
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There's also an option to connect a Sega Mega CD drive to the console, so that it can play old Sega CD games.
The model features LPO/accessory-level glovebox-mounted CD drive and CTS-V Carbon Black Package and all-new CUE version 3 infotainment system, all-new navigation app, and a summary screen.
According to Engadget, professional tinkerer Ben Heckendorn of 'The Ben Heck Show' had successfully gotten the CD drive working on the Nintendo PlayStation prototype.
It has a CD drive where most new ones now don't and I want one with a CD drive.
I looked around and realized my laptop does not have a CD drive, my servers don't have CD drives, my desktop computer has a CD drive, but it doesn't work!
Samsung Printer Software Installer installs the printer driver wirelessly without the need for a USB stick or CD drive. The scan-to-email function, previously available only on higher-end Samsung printers, is now a native feature of the C430/C480series.
It doesn't have a CD drive, and if there is anyone out there that still uses one, there are many portable CD drives out there in the market that ships in at low cost.
In the effort of making it slim and light, Asus has done away with the CD Drive. While the Windows 8.1 operating system is designed for laptops with a touch interface, this one doesn't have the latter.It doesn't take much time to start.
In terms of infotainment, the new Tiggo is equipped with a sound system, CD drive, MP3 interface and 4-channel speakers.
Summary: From being a fad gadget in 2008 to a necessity in 2012, Ultrabooks (slim laptops minus a CD drive) are a rage today.
To enjoy your country tunes simply play your CD in any CD player or computer CD drive.
The range-topping Sport model is well kitted out delivering as standard the likes of dual-zone climate control, electric windows all round, eight-speaker sound system with single MP3-compatible CD drive operated via a 12-button multi-function steering wheel, sports pedals and tyre pressure warning system while driver safety aids such as positive ABS braking and electronic stability program with acceleration skid control also come as standard.