Common council

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the representative (legislative) body, or the lower branch of the representative body, of a city or other municipal corporation.
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In the Lycian confederacy, which consisted of twenty-three CITIES or republics, the largest were entitled to THREE votes in the COMMON COUNCIL, those of the middle class to TWO, and the smallest to ONE.
The first genuine specimen which we came upon was the mansion of a rich farmer and member of the Common Council of the parish or district.
The City authorities, stimulated by these vigorous measures, held a Common Council; passed a vote thanking the military associations who had tendered their aid to the civil authorities; accepted it; and placed them under the direction of the two sheriffs.
Forgive me, if I am wrong, but I was told you were niece to the Commissioners of Paving, and daughter-in-law to the Lord Mayor and Court of Common Council, which would account for your relationship to all three.'
'Thomas Burton is purveyor of cat's meat to the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, and several members of the Common Council (the announcement of this gentleman's name was received with breathless interest).
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Common Council CITY OF LONDON propose to make the above Orders under sections 2.
The case appears to be linked to the strip club Silk Exotic, which won the Common Council's approval to open a location at 730 N.
Ceremonies will take place later this year after the Court of Common Council puts the final seal of approval on the Freedoms.
The Norwalk Common Council voted unanimously on January 8, 2019, to pass an ordinance that would prohibit stores and restaurants from using plastic carryout bags, effective July 8, 2019.
4 at the Common Council Chambers in Mequon City Hall, 11333 N.
was, at various times in his life, a Republican member of the Detroit Common Council and the Wayne County Board of Supervisors; president of the Detroit Board of Health; director of the Detroit Board of Steam Navigation; a Wayne County deputy sheriff and U.S.