County sessions

the general quarter sessions of the peace for each county, held four times a year.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The police were called and Mary was taken to Walton police station, where she remained until her first appearance at the County Sessions House, in Islington, on November 29.
Tyrrell is quick to clarify that he wasn't marking him in that game, but he did make his acquaintance at several county sessions.
Theft was the only option for many impoverished children, said the report, which lists these examples: | Moses Aaron, 10, who was tried at the Gloucester County Sessions after stealing two horses, receiving a 12-month prison sentence.
A talented youngster invited to county sessions will first be asked to pay pounds 60 for nets and coaching fees.
THE atmospheric halls of County Sessions House were the location for this week's fashion shoot.
Young James, the son of former Walker Cup player and British Amateur Champion David, who is the pro at Linden Hall, has been at the forefront of most of the county sessions ( along with Kevin Robson, also from Prudhoe but not quite as young as Curry.
The Warren County sessions have drawn loggers from throughout the Adirondacks, ranging from new hires to loggers who have worked the woods for more than four decades.
Instinctive thought 2: The nearby former County Sessions House, one of the great buildings of William Brown Street, is looking sad, shabby and overgrown with weeds.
MEMBERS of the public were able to gain a glimpse inside the cells of Liverpool's County Sessions House as part of the annual heritage open days.
County Sessions House, Islington, Liverpool, 0844 800 0410 - Fri, Aug 18 Tea at the Town Hall Liverpool Town Hall is throwing open its magnificent doors for nearly a fortnight of open days which will give members of the public the chance to have a look around Town Hall.
There will be guided tours of the County Sessions House led by Joseph Sharples, architectural historian and co-author of the revised Pevsner Architectural Guide to Liverpool.
Note the County Sessions building in the background.
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