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Noun1.Das Kapital - a book written by Karl Marx (1867) describing his economic theories
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Other investors in the funding round included Das Capital, Kortschak Investments, TTCER Partners, Al-Nasser Holdings, Abdul Azeez Al-Ghurair and M&S Partners.
Moreover, six new investors, including prominent domain leaders such as Incofin IM, Muthoot Fincorp, EIP, Das Capital and Starharbor Asia Pte Ltd.
In Das Capital Karl Marx identified the basic capitalist relation as "M [right arrow] C [right arrow] [DELTA]M"; Money is thrown into circulation by purchasing means of production, raw material and labour power, this is then 'used' by the capitalist to create a Commodity deemed socially necessary (whether that be shoes or shoe-shining; a physical commodity or service), this commodity is then sold for more ([DELTA]) Money than the capitalist paid to purchase the original 'ingredients'.
As a philosophical examination of Karl Marx's use of concepts of time in Das Capital, this book will have a limited audience of academic Marxists and students of philosophy.