Das Kapital

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Noun1.Das Kapital - a book written by Karl Marx (1867) describing his economic theories
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I never became a communist although I read Das Kapital in college to find out what communism was all about.
CHEPSTOW: 5.45 Misu Pete, 6.15 Passing Fashion, 6.45 Broadhaven Dream, 7.15 Zoraya, 7.45 Gilt Edge, 8.15 Das Kapital, 8.45 Royal Hall.
While there are scenes in two of Marx's favourite London haunts, the British Museum's Reading Room and the Red Lion pub, Hart dialed down the dialectical drivel and spotlighted Marx the man, the author of Das Kapital, who ironically couldn't run his household's finances and needed the helping hand of his sugar-daddy, Friedrich Engels.
The printed books like Marx's Das Kapital and Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams have dominated discourse over the centuries.
Summary: Beijing (China), Jan 26 (ANI): A coloured children's edition of Karl Marx's 'Das Kapital' has been honoured as one of the 24 best Chinese children's books of 2018.
Revolutionary tomes by Karl Marx and the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin also went under the hammer, with a proof of Marx's "Das Kapital" which includes the communist thinker's corrections making 164,288 euros, more than twice the predicted price.
Which German socialist edited the last volume of Das Kapital after Marx's death?
"A commodity seems at first glance to be a self-evident, trivial thing," Karl Marx famously wrote in Das Kapital. "The analysis of it yields the insight that it is a very vexatious thing, full of metaphysical subtlety and theological perversities." "Detail of a Detail," Luxembourg & Dayan's second exhibition devoted to the late Italian realist painter Domenico Gnoli, was riddled with superficially innocent, deeply vexing items: the prim knot of a red necktie, a tooled-leather brogue, a starchy white collared shirt, a floral damask duvet.
I worked there for a day, earning the right to boast that I once warmed the seat where Marx wrote 'Das Kapital.'
Marx in his lifetime devoted himself to writing his monumental work, Das Kapital, which had only one volume published at the time of his death in 1881.
And Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell believes there is a lot to learn from reading Marx's seminal work Das Kapital.