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The democratical embassy was democratically received.
- Algernon Sidney.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Some persons say, that the most perfect government should be composed of all others blended together, for which reason they commend that of Lacedsemon; for they say, that this is composed of an oligarchy, a monarchy, and a democracy, their kings representing the monarchical part, the senate the oligarchical; and, that in the ephori may be found the democratical, as these are taken from the people.
And the different forms of government make laws democratical, aristocratical, tyrannical, with a view to their several interests; and these laws, which are made by them for their own interests, are the justice which they deliver to their subjects, and him who transgresses them they punish as a breaker of the law, and unjust.
From some quarter, or other, a rumor had got abroad that Miss Monson's governess was of a noble family, a circumstance that I soon discovered had great influence in New York, doubtless by way of expiation for the rigid democratical notions that so universally pervade its society.
One tendency appears alike in the philosophical speculation and in the rudest democratical movements, through all the petulance and all the puerility, the wish, namely, to cast aside the superfluous and arrive at short methods; urged, as I suppose, by an intuition that the human spirit is equal to all emergencies, alone, and that man is more often injured than helped by the means he uses.
In 1816, he wrote, "The full experiment of a government democratical but representative was and is still reserved for us." Jefferson objected to the Era of Good Feelings because it masked genuine ideological differences.
Various definitions were rated as follows: relationship based on mutual interests, 36.8%; democratical, 15.8%; distant, 42.1%; bureaucratical, 5.2%; manipulative, 10.5%; disproportionate, 10.5%; academically noncollaborative, 42.1%; and academically collaborative, 0%.
at 243, 416, and established federal legislative supremacy over the states, even while the Federalists worried that, as Hamilton put it, the "democratical jealousy of the people" would come out against the constitution of an undemocratic federal government, id.
The full experiment of a government democratical, but representative, was and is still reserved for [the Americans to try].
"It is one of the evils of democratical governments, that the people, not always seeing and frequently misled, must often feel before they can act," George Washington wrote to the Marquis de Lafayette on May 10, 1786.
The Maryland Farmer echoed Taylor, describing the jury as 'the democratic branch of the judiciary power,' and the anti-Federalist John Hampden extended the metaphor, explaining that trial by jury was 'the democratical balance in the Judicary power.'" (footnotes omitted)).
would facilitate a 'chain of communication between the people and those, to whom they have committed the exercise of the powers of government.'" (201) Actually, the quote from Wilson does not appear in a discussion of the First Amendment as Justice Breyer implied; instead, it appears in a discussion of the novelty and virtue of representative government as opposed to "monarchical, aristocratical and democratical" forms of government.
Here also the book is weaved around two threads : on the one hand, to promote the true religion--pantheism--that he has found, despite the clergy, under the historical strata of Christianity; and, on the other hand, to build a genuinely democratical political identity.

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