Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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competition to some degree (261)--for especially disfavorable treatment.
Huge natural gas discoveries (Israel's Leviathan in 2010 and Egypt's Zohr in 2015) have fueled and sustained interest in the East Med, despite a price environment over the past three years that is disfavorable toward drilling $100 million wells in "ultra-deep" waters.
Gould, the court held that the Fifth Amendment litigant did not have to comply with Williamson County because California state case law already resolved the issue in a disfavorable way.
However, here we would like to present an argument that such a situation is statistically disfavorable. We imagine that, in the very early universe, the Higgs field was randomly distributed in space.
"If that's their stand I hope they enjoy eating their pizza because I don't think anyone else is going to." It is frightening to contemplate that any elected official--let alone one discussing his own constituents--would classify a disfavorable response to a reporter as the kind of "activity" a decent society can no longer tolerate.
This is admittedly a closer issue, because the Supreme Court has indicated that the Free Exercise Clause will tolerate limited disfavorable treatment of religion.
(41) Known as the "shield and sword rule." One cannot present favorable testimony or evidence on a subject (sword), and then claim that subject is privileged to withhold disfavorable testimony or evidence (shield).
States' only duty when creating procedural law is to respect the substantive content of the federal action itself and to not have procedural rules that single out federal causes of action for disfavorable treatment.
(8) The principal rationale given by the Court for this approach is a distrust of government censorship--the concern that when the government singles out certain types of messages for disfavorable treatment, it might be doing so because of an illegitimate dislike for them (because they criticize government officials, for instance) rather than legitimate concerns about harm the speech might cause.
National Treatment on Internal Taxation and Regulation ("National Treatment") prohibits disfavorable treatment toward imported goods resembling like domestic products.
The Supreme Court has upheld provisions that provide disfavorable
control, and "excess" payments subject to disfavorable tax