Duchenne's muscular dystrophy

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Du·chenne's muscular dystrophy

The most common form of muscular dystrophy, caused by a genetic mutation resulting in the absence of the structural protein dystrophin, in which fat and fibrous tissue infiltrate muscle tissue and cause eventual weakening of the respiratory muscles and the myocardium. The disease, which almost exclusively affects males, begins in early childhood and usually causes death before adulthood.

[After Guillaume B.A. Duchenne, (1806-1875), French physician.]
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Noun1.Duchenne's muscular dystrophy - the most common form of muscular dystrophy; inheritance is X-linked recessive (carried by females but affecting only males)
dystrophy, muscular dystrophy - any of several hereditary diseases of the muscular system characterized by weakness and wasting of skeletal muscles
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A controversial scientific report claims that a new type of cell therapy boosts the muscle strength of boys suffering from Duchenne's muscular dystrophy, the most severe form of this muscle-wasting disease.

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