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n.1.See Afrit.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The terms of the classification fold into each other; Jann and Jinn, themselves maintaining a slippery relation to each other, can be used to signify a 'Sheytan, which can be used to refer to an 'Efreet or a Marid (that is, "any evil Jinnee").
Genies are no longer a general type of supernatural being, but are organized according to ethnological categories, classified according to an Arabic terminology as "Jinn" or "Efreet." We might see here an attempt to master an Other phenomenon that destabilizes individuals as well as nature, a destablization signified by terror, shivers, and fainting.
Although he did not himself illustrate the lady of the rings, "The Merchant and the Jinn," or the "Fisherman and the Efreet," he supervised the work of illustration, which was executed by William Harvey.
On the other hand, the genie of "The Merchant and the Jinnee," in which the merchant unknowingly kills the son of an Efreet, resembles rather depictions of the gods of antiquity, as does the genie from "The Story of the Fisherman" (figures 2 and 3).
In his adaptation of "Aladdin," Mardrus's depiction of the genie of the ring seems to anticipate the racist illustration of Bull: "[Aladdin] suddenly saw rising before him, as if emerging from the earth, an immense and gigantic efreet, resembling a black negro, with a head as big as a cauldron and a horrible appearance and enormous red, flaming eyes" (II: 339).
Alloush is currently busy working on the TV series "Ala Kaf Efreet" (On a Tipping Point) starring alongside actor Khalid Al Sawi , directed by Kamal Mansour with the screenplay by Yehya Fikri.
afreetalso spelled afrit, afrite, efreet, ifrit Arabic `ifrit
The ancient tombs of Egypt, and the dark recesses of the temples are commonly believed, by the people of this country, to be inhabited by 'efreets. I found it impossible to persuade one of my servants to enter the Great Pyramid with me, from his having this idea.
With the efreets of the drought still being felt, this water hi trid differs from those apprmed in the past bccause it liwuscs on water storage and 117 otiglu protection than yvater conservation.
Ogres with monstrous teeth, and wolves, and bullheaded men; spirits of evil trees and poisonous plants; and other creatures whom I won't describe because if I did the grown-ups would probably not let you read this book--Cruels and Hags and Incubuses, Wraiths, Horrors, Efreets, Sprites, Orknies, Wooses, and Ettins.