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a.1.See Ægean.
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The studies were conducted in 16 different provinces and seven different regions of Turkey; most studies were conducted in the Egean region (nine studies), the Maramara region (eight studies), and Middle Anatolia (nine studies).
[eth]ae[eth]oGEAN presents the [eth]ae EGEAN For Families bundle of services, exclusively designed to make family travel by airplane a pleasurable, smooth and entertaining experience for all family members.
A winner over this trip at Lingfield ingfield in December, he found Blue Aegean egean too good at this track last month over five furlongs - a trip which is probably short of his best.
Nor can it be decisive that this Strait is not a necessary route between two parts of the high seas, but only an alternative passage between the Egean (sic) and the Adriatic Seas.
Table 4 Randomly selected Sample of Regions with the Lowest and Highest Number of Female Athletes Region Certified Total (M+F) % Active Total (M+F) % Female Female Central 32961 112570 30.5 4684 7940 24.2 Anato East 3309 17030 20.1 210 1285 18.7 Anato North 938 4177 22.4 107 370 28.9 Anato Marmara 57641 205489 28 8122 31404 25.8 Egean 27456 87633 31.3 3599 11859 30.3 South East 1441 9157 15.7 61 657 9.2 Source: Tye D8rectorate General of Youth and Sports (2010).
Egean Forestry Research Institute Karsiyaka/Izmir-Egean University Agricultural Faculty, Field Crops, Bornova, Izmir
Geometric variables of the observed traffi c circle approaches Inscribed Inscribed Intersection diameter diameter Entry lane width name ([D.sub.i]) (m) ([n.sub.e]) (m) ([w.sub.e]) (m) Alsancak Gar 55.00 2 3.00 Cumhuriyet 140.00 1 5.00 Montro 65.00 2 3.00 Lozan 67.00 2 3.00 Gundogdu 1 20.00 1 3.20 Gundogdu 2 20.00 1 4.80 Sanayi 30.00 1 4.00 Egean Univ.
This group can be interpreted as a race of the widespread association Oleo-Euphorbietum dendroidis, which was found in different sites from the Balears islands to the Egean coasts (Blasi & al., 2000b).
In The Comedy of Errors, for instance, Egean begins the extensive exposition of his life with the claim he was "wed!
In Turkey, the prevalence was found as 30.5/100 000 in a two-center study conducted in the Marmara and Egean regions (3).