Egeria densa

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Noun1.Egeria densa - aquatic plant with deep green foliage useful to oxygenate an aquariumEgeria densa - aquatic plant with deep green foliage useful to oxygenate an aquarium; sometimes placed in genus Egeria
waterweed - a weedy aquatic plant of genus Elodea
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Common name Scientific Name PROHIBITED PLANTS Fanwort Cabomba caroliniana Brazilian waterweed Egeria densa Hydrilla/water thyme Hydrilla verticillata Parrot feather Myriophyllum aquaticum Eurasian water milfoil Myriophyllum spicatum Curly leaf pond weed Potamogeton crispus PROHIBITED ANIMALS Northern snakehead Channa argus Bullseye snakehead Channa marulius Giant snakehead Channa micropeltes Walking catfish Clarias batrachus Oriental weatherfish Misgurnus anguillicaudatus REGULATED ANIMALS Goldfish Carassius auratus Common lionfish Pterois miles Red lionfish Pterois volitans
(2003), are mainly composed of Egeria densa Planch., Egeria najas Planch., Ceratophyllum demersum L., Eichhornia azurea Kunth, Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms., Pistia stratiotes L.
Considering the need for understand nutrient and carbon cycling processes involving invasive macrophytes, we compared the aerobic decomposition of two important same niche submerged macrophytes, the Brazilian native Egeria densa Planch.
(2007) proponen que la interaccion entre el luchecillo Egeria densa y los sedimentos en la columna de agua es importante para entender el ecosistema y sus cambios; Lagos et al.
The composition and abundance of vegetation was dissimilar in both areas, with submerged aquatic plants (mainly Egeria densa Planch.) dominating in area 1 and flooded green grass and Nymphoides indica (L.) Kuntze dominated in area 2 (Table 1).
The Cayumapu River's black-necked swan population in southern Chile lost its main dietary item, Egeria densa, during an environmental crisis which occurred in 2004 in the Carlos Andwanter Nature Sanctuary.