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Noun1.English professor - someone who teaches EnglishEnglish professor - someone who teaches English    
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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Lively Proceedings." My scientific education having been somewhat neglected, I was unable to follow the whole argument, but it was evident that the English Professor had handled his subject in a very aggressive fashion, and had thoroughly annoyed his Continental colleagues.
But it would be a good deed to break the heads of nine-tenths of the English professors - little, microscopic-minded parrots!"
He did not love her for what she thought of Praps and Vanderwater and English professors, and he was coming to realize, with increasing conviction, that he possessed brain-areas and stretches of knowledge which she could never comprehend nor know existed.
The wife of one of the English professors - er, if you will pardon me, Mrs.
The boy has dreamt of studying Humanities and become an English professor in the coming future.
Summary: In my current semester in university, my English professor instructed us to complete a summary-based assignment.
The writing programs at CLC offer a welcoming, encouraging space for writers to explore their potential," said Michael Latza, English professor and editor of CLC's award-winning journal, Willow Review.
'Meanwhile, the University, as approved by its Senate, has decided to award an Honorary Degree to a very distinguished Nigerian academic and radical intellectual activist, Professor Biodun Jeyifo, English Professor Emeritus at Cornell University and, currently, Professor of African and American Studies and of Comparative Literature at Harvard University, in the United States of America (USA) during its 43rd combined convocations.'
STEPHANIE BURT is an English professor at Harvard University.
Department of English Professor Dr Iftikhar Shafi said that English is a name of a whole culture for us, Iqbaliat are also taught in department of English.
On March 11, a group of men descended on a car driven by Suy Sareth, an English professor at the University of Cambodia, after he allegedly collided with a moto driver.
In 1974, when I landed in Scotland, my late English professor in our very first meeting said, 'So you are from Pakistan, are you?