Eugene Paul Wigner

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Noun1.Eugene Paul Wigner - United States physicist (born in Hungary) noted for his work on the structure of the atom and its nucleus (1902-1995)
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Kim and Noz introduce the mathematical tool that Eugene Paul Wigner presented in his 1939 article "On Unitary Representations of the Inhomogeneous Lorentz Group," in the Annals of Mathematics and show how to use it to extend Einstein's special relativity to extended objects like the hydrogen atom or the proton in the quark model.
Eugene Paul Wigner [1,2] introduced in 1932 the first formalism to quantum mechanics in phase space, motivated by finding a way to treat transport equations for superfluids.
The Wigner Fellowship, established in 1975 to honor Eugene Paul Wigner, the 1963 Nobel laureate and first director of research and development at ORNL, enables new life, physical, computer, computational and social scientists and engineers and applied scientists from around the world to select and pursue fundamental or applied research.