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And Wilson's administration did not violate the amendment when it imprisoned Eugene Victor Debs -- he had received 6 percent of presidential vote as the Socialist Party's candidate in 1912 -- because he made an anti-war speech.
Little Eugene Victor Debs of Indiana grew up to become one of America's greatest champions of the downtrodden.
Founded in 1965, Drop City was an artists' commune founded by Eugene Victor Debs Bernofsky and others in a utopian effort to meld life and art and was also memorialized in the eponymous 2003 novel by T.
EUGENE VICTOR DEBS was a socialist icon, a pioneer of 20th-century labor unionism, a five-time presidential candidate, and a firebrand who went to prison for publicly denouncing America's intervention in the First World War.
Strategists and activists associated with these movements include Eugene Victor Debs, Jane Addams, Martin Luther King - who challenged monopolies and hierarchical structures of power and privilege.
Published as one volume and edited by Charles Ruas, it was entitled Harp Song for a Radical: The Life and Times of Eugene Victor Debs (1999).