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Noun1.Federico Fellini - Italian filmmaker (1920-1993)
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Zeffirelli, a native of Florence, was the last of a generation of Italian film luminaries who came of age after World War Two, including Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti and Vittorio De Sica.
The inaugural production of that series is "Nine in Concert" from the musical "Nine." The Maury Yeston-Arthur Kopit musical was adapted from Federico Fellini's semi-autobiographical, 1963 film "8 1/2" about a famous Italian film director who turns 40 and faces a troubled marriage, a troubled film and memories from his troubled history with women.
Fellini's Eternal Rome: Paganism and Christianity in the Films of Federico Fellini
Italian cinema will also be in the spotlight with the screening of the iconic Federico Fellini's movie La Dolce Vita at the 7th Wave Performing Arts School, Saar.
1993 - Director Federico Fellini, 73, adored by the world film community and revered as a legend by his countrymen, died in Rome after two weeks in a coma.
Federico Fellini's 1972 movie Roma includes an ecclesiastical runway show, with models sporting miters and chasubles for an obviously dissipated clerical audience.
Kicking off in the district of Rio di Cannergio, a water show called 'Lights, Camera, Action', based on a circus theme and inspired by legendary Italian film-maker Federico Fellini, was performed by spectacularly dressed participants on floating structures accompanied by music from Fellini's films.
They visit iconic and stunning sites such as the Trevi fountain, which featured in Federico Fellini's famous film La Dolce Vita.
'La Dolce Vita' is Italian for 'The Sweet Life,' celebrated on film by Federico Fellini back in 1961 to reflect the decadence of Italy, and Rome in particular, after World War II.
See in particular the somewhat jocular but heartfelt tribute by Gianfranco Angelucci, good friend of both Federico Fellini and Peter, in which he recounts how Fellini introduced Peter to him, "La scomparsa di Peter Bondanella" (1943-2017) (https://www.articolo21.org/ 2017/06/la-scomparsa-di-peter-bondanella-1943-2017/), and Gino Moliterno's marvelous obituary which remembers Peter's career, including his stay in Australia as a Fellow at the National Humanities Research Centre, "Addio a Peter Bondanella (1943-2017)" (https:// acis.org.au/2017/06/05/addio-a-peter-bondanella-1943-2017/).
Toscan du Plantier, whose husband Daniel was also a producer and worked with renowned film-makers including Federico Fellini and Ingmar Bergman, was killed while on holiday in the small coastal village of Schull, in southwestern Ireland, in December 1996.