Flood mark

the mark or line to which the tide, or a flood, rises; high-water mark.

See also: Flood

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In fact, "nine recording stations exceeded the 1,000-year flood mark. It was the heaviest rainfall on record in the history of Louisiana," the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report said.
A recalculation of the 100-year flood mark after the floods of spring 2011 led the Corps of Engineers to conclude the levee must have three to five feet of "free board" a water free mark from the highest level of a 100-year-flood to the top of the levee.
City officials said the sea level topped 61in yesterday, well past the 40in flood mark, with most streets submerged.
CONCERN: Shirley Start fears the worst if flooding strikes again at her hotel; FLOODY HELL: Evesham under water and (right) last year's flood mark at the Northwick Hotel above a plaque showing water level in 1901 flooding
Furthermore, all buildings would be located at least one foot above the elevation of a 100-year flood mark.
Toby Flood marked his 100th Tigers game by kicking 14 points.
The flood marked the first major disaster of Putin s third term as president and saw the strongman leader pay two visits to the region in a bid to soothe public anger over what many perceived as official inaction.
MSNBC.com, meanwhile, carried a story from The Washington Post that reported how Muslim religious leaders in Aceh province in Indonesia, the hardest hit area of the island of Sumatra, were preaching to survivors that the flood marked the wrath of God/Allah over a separatist war for independence in the region that pitted Muslim rebels against Muslim soldiers of the Indonesian government, contrary to Muslim religious law.
Willo Flood marked his first league start for City with a well-taken goal, but Damien Francis levelled for the Canaries 15 seconds after the interval.
TOBY FLOOD marked the anniversary of English rugby's lowest point by praising Stuart Lancaster for pulling it back from the brink.
Meanwhile Willo Flood marked his first Premiership start with the opener against Norwich and can be backed at an enticing 20/1 with Sportingbet to grab the first goal at Old Trafford.