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Noun1.French lesson - instruction in the French language
language lesson - a period of instruction learning a language
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Rose liked to read aloud, and gladly gave him the chapter in "Nicholas Nickleby" where the Miss Kenwigses take their French lesson. She did her very best, feeling that she was being criticised, and hoping that she might not be found wanting in this as in other things.
A lady friend of mine gets French lessons for eighteenpence an hour from a real French gentleman.
Jaidee's French lesson THAILAND'S Thongchai Jaidee (above) produced a masterclass in frontrunning to win the French Open as Rory McIlroy failed to mount a challenge in Paris.
FRENCH LESSON Nicholson (right) was in awe of Coman in Scotland's U21 match
WHEN five friends sat in a dreary French lesson dreaming up the trip of a lifetime, they never could have believed that one day it would become a reality.
Meeting with French Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, an outdoor French lesson, children's painting competition, the French songs in a live performance, as well as lesson of tasting the French wines will be held within the event program.
The best of your emails Heed French lesson Shrewd placing of old boy Bold Marc by Elaine Burke to finish fourth in a claimer at Deauville on Monday and earn pounds 1,592.
FRENCH LESSON: The French Prime Minister's wife, Welsh-born Penelope Fillon, and Christophe Langree, head chef of the Hotel Matignon, the PM's official residence, demonstrate French culinary techniques
They later discovered their grandson, Colin Lynam Goddard, 21, a student at the university, had been shot three times in a French lesson, but had survived and was recovering.
Greenpeace couldn't have asked for a more dramatic French lesson than that taught to the group September 1 when French Navy commandos, wielding sledge-hammers and blowtorches, stormed and seized Rainbow Warrior II and MV Greenpeace, which were putting themselves in harm's way off Tahiti.
"It was in our French lesson when Nikki was simply kind.
I used to get off a French lesson so I could get there in time for training.