Girl Guide

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Girl Guide

A member of the Girl Guides, a British organization of young women and girls founded in 1910.

Girl Guide

(Other Non-sporting Hobbies) See Guide

Girl′ Guide′

a member of a British organization of girls founded as a sister organization of the Girl Scouts.
مُرشِدة الفَتَيات
kız izci


(gəːl) noun
1. a female child. Her new baby is a girl.
2. a young usually unmarried woman.
ˈgirlish adjective
of or like a girl. girlish laughter.
ˈgirl-friend noun
a girl or woman who is often in the company of a particular man or boy. He is taking his girl-friend to the cinema tonight.
Girl Guide (also Guide), (American) Girl Scout
(also no capitals) a member of an organization for girls which is aimed at developing character etc.
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I READ in the Sunday papers that a Girl Guide leader has lost her position because she objected to boys who 'identify' as girls being permitted to join the movement.
A lifelong volunteer in the local Brownie and Girl Guide movement in the region, Mrs Smith dedicated her time to fundraising as well as organising events and camps for the group.
A WOMAN who applied to become a Girl Guide helper ended up in court and being fined by a magistrate.
Drawing on various archival sources, this book examines the ideals and programs of the Girl Guide movement in England, Canada, and India in the 1920s and 1930s, in the context of its response to the possibilities and threats of the imagined concept of the Modern Girl and young womenAEs new aesthetic and leisure choices.
I'm reliably informed that being a Girl Guide or a Brownie was something girls would look forward to all week.
(BNA) --Bahrain hosts the eighth Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Girl Guide camp starting today.
SCOTS bra tycoon Michelle Mone, 40, became a Girl Guide at the age of 12.
Llanberis Girl Guides help launch Royal Mail's Girl Guide stamps,.
I would like to mention the work of the Girl Guide movement who are also promoting HIV/Aids awareness.
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