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a.1.Darting beams of light; casting light in rays; flashing; coruscating.
In brazed arms, that cast a gleamy ray,
Swift through the town the warrior bends his way.
- Pope.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They shower petals and place flower sheets on the graves of those near to their heart with gleamy faces and eyes full of tears.
Our eyelids are currently glistening with Metallic Heat, a trio of gleamy, dreamy liquid eyeshadow that's a bargain PS12 for all three.
While being distracted by our gleamy mobile screens from what we are "supposed" to do in strictly defined settings (i.e., being productive at work, passively consuming entertainment at home, and isolating ourselves from others during long commutes), we build and maintain online communities, and by doing this, we refuse to be lonely.
In fact, we're going early with Kiko Fall 2.0 Magnetic Eyeshadows, PS12.95, which are ridiculously gleamy and (just because we love a gimmick) have a magnet in the base to keep that rippled texture intact right to the bottom of the pot.
BRONZE BOOST ONCE you have your base tan, intensify your glow with sun-kissed accents and flattering gleamy finishes.
Oldbuck, on the other hand, "a shrewd and suspicious man, and no respecter of divine hereditary right, was apt to cavil at this sacred list, and to affirm, that the procession of the posterity of Fergus [the legendary founder of the Scottish monarchy] through the pages of Scottish history, was as vain and unsubstantial as the gleamy pageant of the descendents of Banquo through the cavern of Hecate" (53).
Male frons narrow, frontal vitta brown to black, with longitudinal crinkle, fronto-orbital plate and parafacial with gleamy yellowish-white and silver pruinosity, all with small hairs, fronto-orbital plate with transverse strip, parafacial and gena broad, frontal angle and vibrissa angle all projecting, gena about 1/2 of eye in height, antenna scape and pedicel red-brown to black, most of first flagellomere red-brown, first flagellomere at least 2.0 times as long as pedicel, the longest hair shorter than width of first flagellomere, palpus yellow-brown, without facial carina; thorax black and green, with white pruinosity, with outer posthumeral seta, acr (1-2) + (2-4), dc (2-3) + (3-4), ial (0-1) + (3-4) (expect O.