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n.1.A boaster.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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HAZCHEM 98 -- Matias 27, Moraga 17, Elmejrab 8, Caparida 8, Ynion 8, Arellano 6, Trinidad 5, Glorioso 5, Acain 4, Serrano 4, Sicat 4, Adviento 2, Mendez 0, Eman 0, Daguplo 0.
HAZCHEM 71 Matias 17, Acain 9, Caparida 9, Elmejrab 8, Trinidad 8, Dagupio 6, Sicat 5, Serrano 5, Adviento 3, Moraga 1, Ynion 0, Mendez 0, Arellano 0, Glorioso 0, Dela Pena 0.
Mauro Glorioso, PTAB's executive director, said his agency was suffering from being "understaffed and overworked."
Tony Koyfman also stepped up for the Eagles with 14 points while Chumason Njingha and Gian Glorioso finished with nine and seven points including a combined for seven blocks.
THAT'S IT Watch Jay Valencia Glorioso, the super-talented wife of my glass mate Senen Glorioso, as she stars in a star-studded cast in The Medium playing on November 2, 3, 4, 23, 24 and 25.
A courthouse employee heard "a commotion" and went to investigate when he found Miguel Camille Glorioso, 20, and Jamie Lee Coutee, 19, having sex. 
The choreography, mainly shared between Aira Katrina Glorioso, Marc Glorioso and Laura Jarvis, was stunning in its diversity and elan.
In late April of last year, ECO Anthony Glorioso received a tip about suspicious fishing activity in Murderers Creek, a Hudson River tributary in the Town of Athens.
The ceremony took place at the CBSO Centre and featured a catwalk show hosted by TV presenters Adele Roche and Chiara Glorioso, and a special performance from Britain Got Talent stars, The Neales, Other award winners included Rachel Warrilow at Spirit of Harlequin, taking home Best Accessory Designer of the Year and Gabrielle Hunt winning Best Make Up Artist of the Year, earning herself a year of one-to-one mentoring from professional make-up artist and MFA judge, Jules Cardozo-Marsh as part of her prize.