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n.1.A channel for water.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They all have a paincha (the top half) with kalis or triangular sections beginning at the waist and a gote (the bottom half) that spreads out.
Gasarasi, (1) Said Aboud (iD), (2) Donath Tarimo, (1) Siriel Masawe, (3) Rose Mpembeni, (4) and Gote Swedberg (iD) (5)
27) ir sit nu gote bekeret; (Rudolf von Ems, Barlaam und Josaphat, 14737) [Ahora os habeis vuelto hacia Dios;] 28) Thaz liut sih toufte unde bekerte also sie got lerte.
Don't be such a jerk ..." I got silence, annoyance, and an occasional "I'll get to it later." Now, post GOTE, I smile in victory every time I get in and out of bed.
1-4: "In dem daz ich gote versage etwaz--versage ich gote guete, ich enmac gote niht versagen--in dem daz ich gote versage, da begrife ich etwaz von im, daz emiht enist; daz selbe muoz abe.
In Idleb countryside, field sources said that an army unit carried out an operation targeting a weapon cache, that belong to al-Fateh Army terrorists, in the village of Maaret Herme, where 10 terrorists gote killed and the weapons inside destroyed.
What goode gote Duddeley / defrawdynge thy Right, withe all that to hym / weare associat?
This time the water gushed through his cottage in Gote Road, forcing John to abandon his home again.
Nasce, da lungi, un rumore simile a quello di molte dita a pizzico, battute su gonfie gote (cavalleria in galoppo) poi, il patata--patata si moltiplica: mescolavisi tintinno di sonagliuzzi, squilli di casserole e uno scucchiario come di mano che frughi, convulsa, in una cesta di posate d'argento.
Jan Burton, one of the Allesley Festival organisers, said: "The first chairman of the Allesley Festival, Roger Gote, said 'Allesley Festival 1976 is a community get together.
The production was created by the Prague-based artistic laboratory Handa Gote, headed by Tomas Prochazka.