n.1.(Mil.) a small fascine or fagot, steeped in wax, pitch, and glue, used in various ways, as for igniting buildings or works, or to light ditches and ramparts.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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D'apres ces derniers, lors d'une session de chicha, le consommateur inhale 25 fois plus de goudron qu'une cigarette, 125 fois plus de fumee, et 10 fois plus de monoxyde de carbone.
Initially focussed on maximising production from its core Goudron field asset, Columbus said it is cashflow positive and aims to create transformational growth by developing its exploration targets across its portfolio in the South West Peninsula, which lies in the extreme southwest of Trinidad and consists of stacked shallow and deep prospects, in a capital efficient and disciplined manner.
of Goudron in the Lot region of the south-west France, when she
De son cote, Rabah Ait Ouyahia, egalement artiste de hip-hop, a brille notamment dans [beaucoup moins que] L'ange de goudron [beaucoup plus grand que] (2011), un film de Denis Chouinard.
"I am extremely proud of our people as they shape every single aspect of our operation and ensure that River Rock delivers on its promise of providing exceptional entertainment opportunities," said Peter Goudron, Senior Vice President Operations-West, Great Canadian Gaming Corporation.
Une route terrestre entre les deux pays n'est pas une artere couverte de goudron et de gravier, mais plutot une preuve d'amour de deux peuples, egyptien et soudanais.
Yes, there are the Biblical scents of nard, encens, and myrrhe of "Le Balcon;" the exotic fragrances of coco, musc and goudron of "La Chevelure"; and of course the trans-sensory evocations of ambre, musc, benjoin, et encens of "Correspondances." But like ordure, miasme, and puanteur, the word parfum and its derivatives appear frequently yet somewhat generically throughout the Fleurs du Mal, seldom qualified, and if so, in ways resistant to literal olfactory translation: dangereux parfum ("Le Chat"); le parfum de ton sang ("Le Balcon").