n.1.See Golding.
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Clugston Construction marketing director Paul Gouland said: "Limiting environmental impact is high on our agenda and we are very excited to be working with our long-standing partner on new biomass opportunities.
(from Sylvia Gouland) A Since the Force restructure in May and the loss of 192 staff, CBMs have taken on additional responsibilities, which means that they may have to spend time investigating crime and dealing with prisoners in custody.
Michael Peace, Matthew Gouland, James Swainston and Chipps notching for the Students.
Those qualified to vote for the Lower House were "All men who have attained the age of twenty-one years, who are of sound mind, who are fixed residents in the colony, who have a visible and honest means of livelihood, and who are unconvicted of crime ..." (Gouland 12).
Colleague Sylvia Gouland added: "We'll battle to save The Edelweiss.
Paul Gouland is marketing director of Clugston Construction Ltd.
STRONG TEAM Paul Gouland is proud of Clugston's can-do attitude.
Despite improvements to key areas of the town, Sylvia Gouland, chairman of Colwyn District Enterprise Alliance, would like to see money spent on more deprived residential areas in the resort - including cash from Communities First, a branch of Assembly funding aimed at helping deprived areas.
Paul Gouland, Clugston's business development director, said: "Concentrating on medium sized schemes in the health and education sectors is working for us and we are involved in over pounds 75m of PFI capital projects at the moment, with associated facilities management contracts for the next 25 years."
Sylvia Gouland, who lives on Greenfield Road and represents Colwyn District Enterprise Alliance, is battling to rehouse her neighbours.
Sylvia Gouland,chair of the residents' association, said they were looking forward to the visit.