Grand Manan Island

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Grand Ma·nan Island

(grănd mə-năn′)
An island of southern New Brunswick, Canada, in the Bay of Fundy.
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As I write this, rescue crews in Canada have just freed an endangered North Atlantic right whale entangled in fishing gear near Grand Manan Island. In July, three young girls who were playing on Chic's Beach in Virginia found a commercial fishing net with 10 live seahorses trapped inside.
Machias Seal Island is east of Maine, and about 19 kilometers away from Canada's Grand Manan Island. The very flat island is a treeless rock and solely hosts a lighthouse manned all-year-round by two Canadian Lightkeepers.
We describe a previously independent 73-year-old man, living on Grand Manan Island, off the Fundy Coast of southern New Brunswick, with a febrile illness that began July 23, 2015.
The cover reads "Grand Manan Island" and "Hands helping hands across Grand Manan." It was published sometime, my guess would be, within the past five years.
The Stanley Brook Granite on Grand Manan Island has yielded an Early Cambrian U-Pb zircon age of 535 [+ or -] 2 Ma.
In March 2002, a committee of the Grand Manan Lobster Fishermen's Sector (Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada) presented a report to the Annual Meeting of the Fishermen's Association (GMFA).
An area with brilliant views of Grand Manan Island was found between Cutler and Lubec.
All around Canada's Grand Manan Island, the tide is rising.
We tried a salty snack called dulse, a dried purple sea vegetable that grows on the shores of Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy.
In these pages of Americas you will find stories about how communities in Sonora, Mexico, and on Grand Manan Island in Canada are confronting, with varying degrees of success, forces that threaten their social identity and economic well-being.
ON JULY 24, 1996, a flat bed truck sat on Ingall's Head wharf, Grand Manan island, waiting for a load of rockweed.