Greenwich Meridian

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Noun1.Greenwich Meridian - the meridian passing through Greenwich; was internationally adopted as the earth's zero of longitude in 1884
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This famous timepiece, always regulated on the Greenwich meridian, which was now some seventy-seven degrees westward, was at least four hours slow.
MICHAEL VAN GERWEN straddled the Greenwich meridian like a man who rules the world to bag his fifth Premier League crown - and his fourth in a row.
The equator is only 750km south of Ghana and the Greenwich Meridian runs through the port city of Tema, 30km east of Accra, the capital city.
Our final day involved us paying a quick visit to Buckingham Palace before we headed towards Greenwich to see the Greenwich Meridian Museum.
OCTOBER 13, 1884 -- At the International Meridian Conference in Washington, DC, an international body of delegates establishes the Greenwich Meridian as the prime meridian--that is, the international standard for zero degrees longitude and the basis for determining international time zones.
But after suffering from pleurisy in the build-up, he was left dizzy by one of the greatest hails of missiles ever seen on both sides of the Greenwich meridian which dissects this iconic wigwam.
Conversely, the data shows a dip in online transactions during British Summer Time (BST) compared to Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT).
In 1884, at the International Meridian Conference in Washington, DC, the decision was taken to divide the planet into 24 time zones, each one covering 15AaAaAeAe1/4 of longitude (one hour), and assign longitude 0 to the Greenwich meridian. This system was rapidly adopted by most of the countries in the worldAaAaAeAaexcept France, whi did not come around until 1911.
Which African country beginning with G sits on the Greenwich Meridian?
A Hard Times B The Old Curiosity Shop C Our Mutual Friend D Barnaby Rudge QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: Through which North African country does the Greenwich Meridian run?
Just as the Greenwich Meridian dictated time, so Liverpool, the second city of the empire, determined the stature of every place on earth.
From 1847, clocks around the world have followed the Greenwich time, which was measured exactly when the Sun crossed the Greenwich Meridian in the UK.

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