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(Placename) the Danish name for Greenland
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Noun1.Grønland - the largest island in the worldGronland - the largest island in the world; lies between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean; a self-governing province of Denmark
Thule - a town in northwestern Greenland; during World War II a United States naval base was built there
Arctic Ocean - ice covered waters surrounding the North Pole; mostly covered with solid ice or with ice floes and icebergs
Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean - the 2nd largest ocean; separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east
subcontinent - a large and distinctive landmass (as India or Greenland) that is a distinct part of some continent
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In 2013, a more comprehensive study, entitled "Hjemloshed i Gronland" (Homelessness in Greenland), was published by Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut (The Institute for Danish Housing Research) at Aalborg University (Hansen and Andersen, 2013).
Area Name Comment Europe Europa Europe Gronland Greenland Lisboa Lisbon Italia Italy Pontus Euxinus Black Sea Mare Mediterraneum Mediterranean Sea [indecipherable] North of Tartaria on the Arctic Circle.
He first came to prominence in the crime drama Fox Gronland which ran from 2001 to 2003.
Gronland (2010:20) note women are more prone to social influence than men.
Georg or Wilhelmsburg in Hamburg, the Bejlmer or Slotervaart in Amsterdam, Gronland in Oslo, the East End in London and the banlieues in Paris have in common?
Lisbeth Fagerstrom, spesialistsykepleier, MNSc, PhD, Professor i sykepleievitenskap ved Hogskolen i Buskerud og Vestfold, Campus Drammen, Papirbredden, Drammen kunnskapspark, Gronland 58, 3045 Drammen, Norge.
The parish that I served the last ten years, the parish of Gronland located in what is known as Gamle (Old) Oslo, is situated in an area where Christians are a minority and where the socio-economic status is generally low.
(3) Faculty of Health Sciences, Buskerud and Vestfold University College, Papirbredden, Gronland 58, 3045 Drammen, Norway