Groote Eylandt

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Groote Ey·landt

 (gro͞ot′ ī′lənd)
An island of northern Australia in the western part of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Manganese is mined on the island.
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The unnamed 23-yearold backpacker was bitten while pulling up a net off Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory, on Thursday.
Northern Territory Police said the man was bitten while pulling up a net while working off Groote Eylandt, 400 miles east of the capital Darwin, on Thursday afternoon.
1983), the Barkly Regional (Tennant Creek, 1985-89), the Eylandt Echo (Groote Eylandt, est.
The others are by Moya Smith on mobility in the Esperance region, Madge Schwede on site formation processes in the Swan Coastal Plain, Annie Clarke on post-contact changes in resource use and residence on Groote Eylandt, Caroline Bird and Jim Rhoads on the topographic archaeology of western Victoria, and a more personal account of Sylvia's influences from Steve Brown, Sue Kee and Anne McConnell.
Sarah Bara was beaten with sticks last year on Groote Eylandt off the northern Australian coast.
This work will be integrated into the geological and geophysically based exploration being undertaken at the Northern Manganese's tenements between the Northern Territory mainland and Groote Eylandt. The research will be directed towards understanding the potential ecological, geological, technological, social and economic impacts of seafloor exploration in the waters offshore Groote Eylandt.
Groote Eylandt is an island off which country's north coast?
The site types identified above are located in five broadly defined regions (Figure 1, Table 1)--the west coast (Reynolds River); the Darwin region (Darwin Harbour, Hope Inlet, Adelaide and Mary Rivers); western Arnhem Land (Alligator Rivers, Magela Creek, Coburg Peninsula); central Arnhem Land (Blyth River, Milingimbi); and eastern Arnhem Land (Cape Arnhem, Port Bradshaw, Blue Mud Bay, Groote Eylandt, Sir Edward Pellew Island Group).