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n.1.(Min.) An iron alum occurring in silky fibrous aggregates of a yellowish white color.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They are somewhat shaggy-looking, as they are spotted by gray, white and greenish shards and subhedral crystals of other soluble sulfates such as alunogen and halotrichite ...
Halotrichite Fe[Al.sub.2](S[O.sub.4])[.sub.4] 22[H.sub.2]O
Halotrichite [Fe.sup.2+][Al.sub.2](S[O.sub.4])[.sub.4]*22[H.sub.2]O
The deposit has produced an attractive suite of colorful, well-crystallized, hydrous sulfates including coquimbite, halotrichite, krausite, metavoltine, potassium alum, quenstedtite, r^merite and voltaite.
Associated minerals are: coskrenite-(Ce), zugshunstite-(Ce), melanterite, halotrichite, pickeringite, apjohnite, epsomite and other hydrated sulfates.
We were to collect halotrichite in the White Queen mine near Mojave, California.
Halotrichite [Fe.sup.2+][Al.sub.2][([SO.sub.4]).sub.4].22[H.sub.2]O
That Safford used the term "alum" in its broad sense is shown elsewhere in his work, where he applied the name to halotrichite ("iron alum").
Mineralogical reaction products where mine wall-rock has been exposed to humidity and air include gypsum, halotrichite, ilsemannite, jarosite, and szmolnokite.
Halotrichite [Fe.sub.2+][Al.sub.2][(S[O.sub.4]).sub.4] [center dot] 22 [H.sub.2]O
Halotrichite [Fe.sub.2+][Al.sub.2][(S[O.sub.4]).sub.4] [multiplied by] 22[H.sub.2]O
Halotrichite [Fe.sup.2+] [Al.sub.2][(S[O.sub.4]).sub.4][multiplied by]22[H.sub.2]O