Homeland Security

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homeland security

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) precautions taken by the government of a specified country against terrorist attacks

Homeland Security

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the United States Department of Homeland Security, the body responsible for dealing with terrorist threats on American soil
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Noun1.Homeland Security - the federal department that administers all matters relating to homeland security
executive department - a federal department in the executive branch of the government of the United States
Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA - an independent agency of the United States government that provides a single point of accountability for all federal emergency preparedness and mitigation and response activities
Immigration and Naturalization Service, INS - an agency in the Department of Justice that enforces laws and regulations for the admission of foreign-born persons to the United States
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, FLETC - a center in the Department of that trains law enforcement professionals for more than seventy federal agencies
Secret Service, SS, United States Secret Service, US Secret Service, USSS - the United States intelligence agency that protects current and former presidents and vice presidents and their immediate families and protects distinguished foreign visitors; detects and apprehends counterfeiters; suppresses forgery of government securities and documents
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Also, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas' Security Affairs ASD(HD&ASA) has requested the U.S.
The savings from eliminating these unnecessary programs would help pay for a doubling in homeland defense funds to at least $20 billion.
On the homeland defense side I think we're going to see an emergence of applicability for remotely piloted, unmanned air vehicles.
Secretary of the Army Thomas White is the Pentagon's director for Homeland Defense and will report to Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge.
This model could provide a framework for solving some of the most pressing problems of organization and resource allocation for homeland defense. The framewor k could include:
are unique to homeland defense and then refers to JP 3-08,
Major topics of this presentation include: upcoming presidential transitions and GAO's role, GAO's evolving strategy to serve the Congress and the Nation, emergency preparedness and homeland defense, the new FEMA, and public health system and pandemic planning.
Joint Publication (JP) 3-27, Homeland Defense, the newest publication added to the joint doctrine hierarchy, states, "Defense of the homeland is the Department of Defense's highest priority with the goal to defeat threats at a safe distance from the homeland." As the Department of Defense (DOD) holds responsibility for the homeland defense mission, it assumes the lead for homeland defense response.
In a June 24 memorandum to all DoD components, agencies, and activities, Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England set forth the Department's broad direction on homeland defense and civil support matters.
The National Guard continues to expand its missions in support of homeland defense, even as it contends with frequent overseas deployments, equipment shortages and low recruiting levels.
New in the Homeland Defense line from GammaSight Technologies LLC of Newport News, Virginia, is the Non-Intrusive Rapid Inspection and Detection System, which can rapidly detect weapons of mass destruction hidden in cargo containers.

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