v. t.1.To bend; to cause to become curved; to make crooked; to deflect.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The forend and buttstock are made of an oil-finished black walnut with a thin Inflex recoil pad at the butt.
The Inflex II pad on Browning rifles and shotguns ranks among the very best at soaking up recoil, and that along the weight of the rifle and its extremely effective brake virtually eliminates what little recoil the 6.5 Creedmoor generates.
A soft Inflex Technology Recoil Pad directs felt recoil down and away from the cheek.
The SX4 buttstock has been reshaped with a more rounded and open pistol grip (which feels nice) and is finished with an enlarged "Inflex" recoil pad which actually does work to move the comb down and away from your cheek, again helping to diminish felt recoil.
Representatives of Argentinian cylinder manufacturer Inflex, US firm Composite Technology and a Chinese company will arrive in Pakistan on January 9 for a five-day trip and meet industry people.
The rifle has a Permacote gray finish, Inflex Technology recoil pad and a chrome-moly steel barrel with a recessed target-style crown.
The buttstock is capped with Browning's Inflex recoil pad, which has migrated from the shotgun line.
The Inflex recoil pad soaks up recoil like an old mop.
A joint venture agreement for setting up a plant for manufacturing of CNG vehicles cylinder between an Argentinean company M/s Inflex Argentoil and POF which has been pending since long.
The participants appreciated the presentation given by the Managing Director and showed their interest in tourism products of Pakistan and tourist inflex to Pakistan.
Inflex of Argentina has entered into a Joint Venture with Wah Industries Ltd to manufacture gas cylinders in Pakistan.
We've had dialogues with companies that are exploring alternatives to RSA but currently it is premature to say that we had a mass inflex of RSA customers switching over to us.