Instrumental errors

those errors in instrumental measurements, etc., which arise, exclusively from lack of mathematical accuracy in an instrument.

See also: Instrumental

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But these observations could be affected by instrumental errors and, to make matters more complicated, these prediction models are also prone to errors because they are not exact solutions to the set of differential equations that describe atmospheric motion.
To reduce the source of error during recording of BP, certain standardized conditions were followed: Participants were given 10 min rest before measurement of BP, adult' s fitted cuff was used, leakage of the valve was ensured to reduce the subject and instrumental errors. To avoid the observer error, the same observer recorded the measurement of BP.
Once the signal emerged in their data, the astronomers initiated a years-long process to check and recheck their findings against any known causes of instrumental errors and rule out potential sources of radio interference.
In order to minimise the systematic influence of the instrumental errors, scanners have to be calibrated and observations have to be corrected on the basis of the calibration parameters (Ingensand 2006).
A more detailed discussion on the possible sources of instrumental errors that might affect these observations is necessary, before final explanations should be tried.
* "long-term" reproducibility as a variability of the results after several months or years that, includes mainly the variation of systematic instrumental errors after maintenance, repair or tuning of the meter.
For a long time it was accepted as such, but recent studies confirmed skeptics' suspicions that van de Kamp was fooled by instrumental errors.
"Our current system is limited by instrumental errors but the camera could detect a change in environmental temperature of as little as 0.05 degree C.
By simultaneously seeking fusion products with the detectors they have been using in the United States and with the Kamiokande detector, which Jones says is 100 to 1,000 times more sensitive, they hope to determine whether previous hints of cold fusion reactions were merely persistent instrumental errors or indeed the signature of heretofore unknown nuclear reactions.
For example, if sample preparation errors are two times larger than instrumental errors, then a 20% reduction of sample preparation errors will reduce the analytical error by 16%.
Instrumental errors mean changes of the recorded gravity produced by the technical imperfection of gravimetrical instruments.
After having gone over and over the spectrum itself, looking also for possible instrumental errors in the observations, Orton found himself confronted with the possibility that the atmosphere of Uranus may contain about 40 percent helium--5 to 7 times as much as Jupiter or Saturn.
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