Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Marketing Instrumentary in the Process of Project Acceptation within the Acceleration of Back-warded Regions Development.
means, and gave them, too, an interest in its instrumentary
In replacing the older, or 'instrumentary' style with its three Rs and bookish approach to learning, it was hoped that children would learn to think and reason; to enunciate ideas, consider issues and develop into good, thoughtful citizens.
For instance, what had, under the 'instrumentary' system, been preparatory drill for future military service became, through the work of social reformers, a more general and sophisticated syllabus of gymnastic and physical movement exercises.
The final category, the moral educationists, who were widely supported by educators generally, took moral training to the level of a classroom subject rather than 'working through the general school discipline' as the instrumentary teacher had done.
Taking into account the elaborateness of, e.g., the current instrumentary of Indo-European comparative linguistics and the amount of compared language materials, can one seriously expect any word to become finally "no internal etymology"?
would call an "instrumentary": an analysis of how a concrete form (like a work of art) can express a universal truth in its very concreteness (contra Plato, who saw the universal behind the manifestation, not in it); the biblical materials of God's love, mercy, wrath, intervention, etc.; the forms of drama as analogues for the biblical drama; and finally the epistemological issue of what kind of perception faith furnishes.
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