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Uncertainty is defined as "the inability to determine the meaning of illness-related events and occurs in situations where the decision maker is unable to assign definite values to objects and events and/or is unable to accurately predict outcomes because sufficient cues are lacking." (6) Studies show that high uncertainty is associated with patients' lack of information or knowledge to understand their condition or symptoms, outcomes unpredictability, and resources (eg, social support, medical care, and education) insufficience to provide patients with a sense of control over their illness.
(3) York was, as the first pageant of the welcome admitted to Henry, a 'citie of insufficience', and they hoped that the king would put more weight on their new-found 'pure affeccion' than their late mistakes.
To solve the existed problems and insufficience of dynamic integrity measurement method, a dynamic integrity measurement model based on Memory Paging Mechanism (MP) is researched.